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It's fun.  You can take something beautiful that you cherish and give it a new look.  We can take your diamond or gem and set it same day - it's better than the excitement of waiting for a new car to drive up. Remounting a diamond ring is a great way to preserve a special ring. People remount diamond rings for many reasons from ring preservation to custom designs.


Remounting your original diamond from your engagement ring is a great option available to you and an incredible way to reinvent your ring. There are a number of reasons you may want to remount your diamond ring.  Some of the more general reasons include...




Repair: Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring. Over the years, the setting and band may wear out. A worn setting may cause a diamond to loosen or fall out. Sometimes a prong on a setting may break. Remounting the diamond can save the original ring.

Preservation: People sometimes take a vintage or antique ring into a jeweler for adjustments and cleaning. In order to preserve the ring, a diamond remount may be necessary.

Merging two rings: Some people like to merge a family heirloom, such as a mother's engagement ring, with another diamond ring to create an original piece of jewelry.

Update a design: A number of people want to update the look of their engagement ring or preserve their original diamond in a new ring design.




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