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We are your neighbors. We support our community and we truly care about you and the jewelry you purchase. Cory & The Casale Jewelers Family will make finding the perfect engagement ring or wedding band fun and easy! We hand select each and every diamond and ring that we have in our store to ensure that you get the highest quality at the best possible price. All too often, we see our friends and family purchase “dirty” diamonds, online or because they got a “great deal.” Any diamond can look great on paper, but you don’t wear a certification or diamond report on your hand. You wear the diamond. Let us show you the difference, inside and out. We guarantee our diamonds are the clearest, most brilliant diamonds that you will find…the kind of diamond that you will be proud to wear.

Diamond Truth Guaranteed

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Learn About the 4 C's & the Hidden 5th C that No One Likes to Talk About!

At Casale, You Will Never Buy a Dirty Diamond! The 5th C references the Comments on every diamond certification. These comments tell the diamond's Real Story! Are there inclusions, clouds or defects? Cory only buys the best, brightest and most beautiful diamonds in the world.

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